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You have found the Centennial Beach Staff Alumni Website.  This site is 100% by and for beach staff alumni.  It was donated to you simply for the purposes of helping you catch up with old co-workers, share your part of Naperville and beach history, and reminisce.  On June 6th 1931 Centennial Beach in Naperville, IL was also donated by a committee of residents for an city anniversary.  2006 was the Beach's 75th birthday and hundreds of us used that as an excuse to plan reunion related activities and reconnect with their old beach friends. Former Mudrats, Beach Staff, Riverwalk Eatery Staff and Park District staff involved with the beach all came out in great numbers  If you missed hearing about these events in time we are sorry.  We are just volunteers and did what we could.  Maybe you can update us and keep in touch for planning the summer 2011 event by joining our FaceBook Group and help us write your version of Beach History.  If you are low tech or good with storytelling you are also submit a story via voicemail.  Just call our voicemail 24/7 at 815-377-2380 24/7 to leave your voice message.  We will listen to it, crop out the mistakes and post it as an mp3 file on this site. If you are good with video or have a great old video to share post it at www.ourmedia.org and email us a link.  It is kind of like a low tech pod Cast.  less creative or need some help getting started?  Complete the Beach Staff Questionnaire  You will need Adobe Reader click  Get Adobe Reader to get it.  Former staff who submit this will get a beach staff search database login.


Anniversary Events were July 8 & 9, 2006

Saturday July 8th 2006.  11 am to 8 PM Official Centennial Beach 75th Anniversary Aquathon (water show and water carnival).  There are games and events planned all day. 


Saturday July 8th 2006 8:15 pm to 11 pm Country Lakes Social and unofficial "Final Planning Meeting"  Unofficial Drinks and unofficial hors' douvres at Country Lakes Golf Clubhouse.  Admission was just $5-$10 by online in advanced or $15 at the door.  Food and beverages will be included in admission.  Registration costs are merely to help us plan a great event but the event will be subsidized by Belgio's.  A couple hundred attended this event.  


Sunday July 9th 2006 Beach Staff Alumni Pier Tag and Adult Float.  Was 9-11 AM at the Beach no kids.  Just come and participate at your own level of energy. We are unsure of admission fees for the Sunday Float and unsure who will not over sleep this event.  If we do not have enough Sunday morning I am sure will play Sunday at the picnic.


Sunday July 9th 2006 11 AM onOfficial NPD approved Staff Alumni Picnic at the Beach.   This is an official NPD event which included your kids.  I


Old Photos and staff Contacts.

This a staff photos page but also served as a back door entrance to the Beach Alumni Blog which is being replaced by our face book group. 


Photos below from 1986-2000 were submitted by Vince Young, Tim Belgio, Sandy Perry, Kathy Powell Jenny Jansen and Jim Ensign      See also early 1980's Staff and Mudrat Photos submitted by Ron Boe


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1985 staff Photo submitted by Vince Young     1986 photo found by Jenny Jansen




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Who can remember the missing names? email: alumni@CENTENNIALBEACH.COM



Photos are great but we need names phones and email addresses to find people for the reunion.  Can you help us find names or people? 


88 and 89 RiverWalk Eatery and Paddleboat Staff


(Click on any of these thumbnails to enlarge) 



Who can remember the missing names? email: alumni@CENTENNIALBEACH.COM




(Click on any of these thumbnails to enlarge)

Who can remember the missing names? email: alumni@CENTENNIALBEACH.COM


95                                                         96


1999 or 2000

2002 T-Shirt Staff List

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Can you help us find names or people?  Email: alumni@CentennialBeach.com

If you have a hunch where somebody is try Google Search or  1-800-FREE411


Please email your photos to photos@CentennialBeach.com  Try to keep them less than 2 MB each but there are lots of faces in Team and Staff photos so if you can scan at 200-600 dots per inch or whatever it takes to make the photo clear.  Click: Photos Tips for other ideas.


Please note that this site and the blog are not owned or controlled by the Naperville Park District (who currently own and operates Centennial Beach). Just like you, NPD staff only have access to read and post as they find the time. Any commercial or annoying use of this web site or blog is prohibited.  Violators posts will be deleted as spam and their access can be blocked.  Please keep this a fun and safe place to play.


See 70's and 80's Staff and Mudrat Photos submitted by Joe Kager

See 74 Photos and staff list submitted by Roger Spiegler

See Beach Historic Photos submitted by Mary Lou Werhli and Jeanne Rechenmacher

See 1980's Staff and Mudrat Photos submitted by Ron Boe        photos tips         Enter the Beach Alumni Blog!